Billing Information

Customer Information Update

As of February 1, 2020 West Kern Water District will be contacting customers by phone regarding delinquent account/billing information.  Please contact the District at (661) 763-3151 to check/update contact information.  The District assumes no responsibility for contact information that has not been kept up-to-date by the customer.

A partir del 1 de febrero de 2020, West Kern Water District se pondrá en contacto con el cliente por teléfono con respecto a la información de facturación/cuenta Atrasada o delincuente. Comuníquese con el Distrito al (661) 763-3151 para verificar/actualizar la información de contacto. El Distrito no asume ninguna responsabilidad por la información de contacto que el cliente no haya mantenido al corriente.


About Your Bill

Your bill is printed on a blue and white postcard and contains valuable information. The bill states your account number, name, address, service from and to, water usage breakdown, amount owed and due date. On the back of the bill, it will outline the terms and conditions of your bill. For more information on rates/fees click here. Click here to learn about our newest payment option – Direct Payment Program, or to review other payment options.

UPDATE 4/16/19:  ATTENTION Customers! You will soon be able to pay your bills on line with Civic Pay in May 2019. If you have any questions about this new exciting feature, please contact the office at 763-3151.

Frequency of Your Bill

You are billed every other month (bi-monthly). Exceptions are Industrial accounts and Area 5-6 rural residential accounts which are read every month.

When Your Bill is Due

Regular residential and commercial/public entity monthly/bi-monthly bills are due and payable upon presentation, but no later than 15 days of receipt. Industrial and Area 5-6 billings are due and payable upon presentation, but no later than 29 to 31 days. Due dates are shown on the bill. Payment may be mailed or delivered to the District’s office within 15 days of receipt. 

When a service is disconnected, a closing bill is sent. It is due and payable upon presentation. After 45 days, the unpaid portion of the closed account will be sent to a collection file or if applicable, the remaining amount will be transferred to an open account.

Service Requests

Service Requests are prepared and investigated by District staff to address issues requested by customers. For example, high bill, no water, low/high pressure, water quality, meter issues, etc. Findings are reported to the designated party.

Deposits and Refunds

Deposits are required at the time of application. (Refer to Rates/Fees for designated amount.) If a customer has been shut off for non-payment, a deposit will be required prior to a reconnection if there is not a current deposit on file. Per customer request, if bills have been paid promptly deposits may be refunded or applied at the end of 12 months of continuous service. When an account is closed, the deposit will be applied to the account. If there is a credit, the balance will be returned to the customer.

15 Day Reminder Notice

If you forget to pay your bill, the District will send a reminder notice after the bill due date. A penalty of 5% of the outstanding amount or $2, whichever is higher, will be charged on your account if a 15 Day Reminder Notice is sent.

Final Shutoff Notice For Non-Payment (48 Hour Notice)

If payment is not received by the 15 Day Reminder Notice due date, then a service termination door hanger notice will be provided to you 48 hours in advance notifying you service will be discontinued if payment if not received by a specific date. If a 48 Hour Notice is received a penalty of 10% of the outstanding amount due or $5, whichever is higher, will be charged on your account. If the meter is turned off, a $50 reconnect fee along with payment in full will be charged in order to restore service. A deposit may also be required to re-establish service.

Returned Check

A 48 Hour door hanger notice will be provided if your check is returned from the bank. A service charge of $35 will be imposed. The outstanding check and service charge must be paid by cash, cashier’s check or money order. If the returned check is not paid, service will be shutoff and a reconnect fee will be added.